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Abby Rice *SENIOR* #IotaSpotlight

"I didn’t understand what sisterhood truly meant until I went through the most challenging time of my life. My sisters were the only reason I made it out on the other side. They have been there for me through everything and they have molded me into the strong woman I am today. These past four years have been filled with countless memories, laughs, tears, and lots of Chick-fil-A. My sisters were there for it all! The thought of not getting to see all of my friends every single day and wake up in the ADPi house each morning is so hard, but it makes me feel so blessed that I am lucky enough to have something that is so hard to say goodbye to." - Abby Rice

Next on our senior #IotaSpotlight series we have our sweet Abby Rice! Abby joined Alpha Delta Pi when she was a freshman. Finishing her last year in ADPi, Abby is one of the few lucky seniors that live in the house! Some of her most cherished moments have been spent living in the house, sitting on the ADPi porch, and hanging out in the TV room with her housemates!

One of her favorite memories in ADPi was Big/Little reveal her sophomore year when she received her little, Mary Claire:

"She is one of my best friends and I can't imagine my college experience without her. Our relationship is so special. She is my favorite person, my road trip buddy, and has been there for me through some of the hardest times of my life. She can make me laugh harder than anyone! Some of my absolute favorite memories from college are with her. I feel so thankful that ADPi gave me our relationship because I know she's going to be one of my best friends for the rest of my life. " -Abby Rice

Abby is studying Editing, Writing, and Media. After graduation, she plans on moving back home for the summer to Lakeland, Florida where she will be writing for The Lakelander magazine. After, she hopes to move to Tampa or Atlanta to pursue a job in the media/writing world.

During this time of the year, our sisters are reminded of how lucky they are to share a sisterhood with all of our inspiring seniors. Beautiful on the inside and out, Abby Rice, we wish you nothing but happiness! The real world truly does not deserve someone as genuine and amazing as you!