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Christine Brookshire *SENIOR* #IotaSpotlight

"I ran into Christine's arms at Big/Little Reveal my freshman year. We were complete strangers! I have never gotten so close with someone so quickly. She is loved by everyone she meets and she has one of the biggest hearts. She’s defines what it means to be an ADPi: beautiful, kind, friendly, intelligent, hilarious and all around wonderful. I don't even want to imagine what college will be like without her, but I know she will conquer the world after graduation. She has taken me in and has made me feel more loved and understood than I could’ve ever imagined a big or a best friend could."

These past few weeks have been extremely special for the women of our chapter, specifically our seniors! It has been such an honor for us to spotlight the incredible sisters that will be graduating this semester. We've loved reminiscing over the memories they have made and all that they have accomplished over the years! *CHEERS* to our next senior taking the #IotaSpotlight, Christine Brookshire!

Over the past three years, our sisters have loved rooting for Christine as she cheered on the Seminoles! Christine has been involved in FSU Cheerleading all four years of her college career! The past few years have been spent traveling, practicing, competing, and supporting all things Florida State!

"My sisters have supported my cheerleading career every step of the way. Being a collegiate cheerleader has its challenges, both academically and physically. Without the support of ADPi, I would have never been able to be a successful college athlete. Whether they are throwing up the diamond in the stands on a football game day, screaming my name in the crowd at Cheers For Children, or supporting me at our Nationals competition sendoff, my sisters have been absolutely unforgettable. I have received endless love and motivation from them and I couldn't be more grateful." -Christine Brookshire

Although the life of a college athlete is extremely busy and exhausting, Christine has managed to continue to make her academics, her other extracurricular activities, and her sisterhood a priority. In just a few short weeks, Christine will be graduating with a Bachelors of Science degree in Statistics, as well as minors in both Mathematics and Business. After graduation, Christine hopes to attend FSU for graduate school, and later become a Data Analyst for an NFL team. One of Christine's favorite memories as an Alpha Delta Pi was when she met her little!

"She has become my best friend, the person I go to for everything. She has made my college experience so very special. My least favorite part about graduating is the fact that I have to leave her side. I will always be indebted to ADPi for giving us the relationship we have today." -Christine Brookshire

We are in awe of you, Christine! You might be one of FSU's biggest fans, but we've loved being yours. Congratulations to our Harry Styles loving, spirited, and so very kind, graduate! We wish you so much happiness for the future!


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