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Erika Suarez *SENIOR* #IotaSpotlight

"Growing up with an older sister, I always wanted to be like her. I wanted to wear her clothes, hang out with her friends, and do exactly what she did. Everyday, I find myself wanting to be more like her. She is my best friend, sister, and soulmate. She is everything I want to be: smart, beautiful, honest, kind, and the easiest person to talk to. Running home to her on Bid Day was one of the happiest days of my life and ADPi is something both of us and our older sister will cherish and get to share between us forever. Erika is someone I have and always will look up to and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her." -Jillian Suarez 

Say hello to another one of our sweet seniors, Erika Suarez! We're so excited to have her as our next senior #IotaSpotlight! She is one of the many memorable women that will be graduating in the next few weeks!  Erika is a member of alpha class 2015! She will be graduating with a degree in Editing, Writing, and Media and a minor in communications! Erika dreams of pursuing a career in the Public Relations industry in New York City! Her favorite memories as a member of Alpha Delta Pi were bid day 2015 and bid day 2017! "I was fortunate enough to have the best memories on my first and last bid day. On my bid day, I got to run home to my older sister, Morgan. This past bid day, my little sister, Jillian ran home to me! This was one of the perks of being the middle child in my family! I was able to experience something so very special with both of my siblings!" -Erika Suarez

Erika was blessed to not only share the sweet sisterhood of Alpha Delta Pi with her two biological sisters, but with the other 200+ amazing women we get to call members of our chapter. Congratulations on your graduation Erika! You did it!