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Lauren Stuart *SENIOR* #IotaSpotlight

"I could go on and on about just how important our friendship is to me. Lauren is the big sister I never had. I can't even begin to explain how sad it makes me to be at FSU without her, but I am more than confident that she will achieve the impossible. There is absolutely nothing that she can't do. She's so smart, determined, kindhearted, and motivated. Expect plenty of sleepovers in Tampa next year Lauren!" -Darby Carraway

Graduation is almost here! It's a time for our sisters to reflect on the impact that our sweet seniors have had on our chapter and the legacy that they will leave behind beginning this May. Lauren Stuart, our next sister featured in our senior #IotaSpotlight series, has spent her last four years leaving an incredible mark on Alpha Delta Pi. With remarkable ambition to succeed in her studies, a commitment to serving her chapter, and a heart of gold, Lauren has gone above and beyond during her time as an ADPi and as a student at FSU.

"Lauren is one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to be an ADPi. I knew that I wanted to share a sisterhood with someone so gracious, humble, and welcoming as her. She makes everybody feel like a somebody and I'm so thankful that she was the one there by my side during preference round three years ago." -Maison Fletcher

As a member of Alpha Delta Pi, Lauren served as the Chaplain. She provided inspiration and support for all of our chapter members through one on one discussions, sharing of scripture, and presenting uplifting stories. Lauren also was the New Member Coordinator Assistant. Working closely with the new Alpha Class, she was able to connect with her new sisters and guide them through the new member process.

"Although Lauren started off as just my New Member Coordinator Assistant, she quickly became such a huge role model for me. She's my best friend's older sister, and I'm so thankful to have gotten so close to her. She's always giving me advice and looking out for me when I need it most. I have no idea what I'm going to do when she graduates. I'm going to miss seeing her face at every meal and basically spending all of my free time in her room at the house." -Tekla Gaspar

Lauren's major is Risk Management and Insurance. She's also minoring in Hospitality. During the summer months, Lauren has interned with two insurance agencies. We're so excited to announce that Lauren recently accepted a position with one of the agencies, Stahl and Associates Insurance. After graduation, she'll be moving to St. Petersburg with her current in-house roommate, Catherine Bertron, to start her position.

Reflecting on her time spent as a member of Alpha Delta Pi, Lauren reminisces on her favorite memory that took place during Hurricane Irma. "The girls that live in the house and I were all terrified for Hurricane Irma. We didn't know what to expect and we were all worried for our families that were potentially going to be affected by the storm. No one wanted to be away from each other, so we all decided to move our mattresses down to the basement. It was a giant sleepover spent playing games, watching movies, telling stories, and basically doing anything that would get our minds off of the storm. Days went by and no one moved their mattresses. We slept there long after the hurricane passed! I will never forget that experience. It makes me want to hold on to my sisters and the time we've spent together forever." -Lauren Stuart

Congratulations on your graduation Lauren! You are effortlessly a role model for your sisters and every individual that you encounter. We love you, and we couldn't be more proud!