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Leila Sabet *SENIOR* #IotaSpotlight

"For the past four years, and especially as one of her execs, I have seen how Leila holds herself to the highest standard as a woman, friend, sister, citizen, student, and leader. She is an example I have had the privilege of learning from throughout my college career because she so humbly leads with her heart and with the best interest of others. Leila is not only distinguished for the mark she has made in this community, her contagious laugh, and bright personality, or her ability to connect with people, but for her instinct to step forward, smiling, when everyone else steps back." -Reeves Trivette

Although she has been a spotlight in this chapter since the day that she stepped through the door, we would like to showcase our former president, Leila Sabet, as our next senior to take the #IotaSpotlight. This past Wednesday, Florida State University named Leila the Panhellenic Chapter President of the Year! We were were not surprised! Leila has blown our chapter members away to say the least. She managed to not only tackle such a difficult position, but she handled it with such grace and passion. From start to finish, Leila transformed our chapter. From the big tasks, to the little details, Leila accomplished every challenge thrown her way. As she fulfilled her presidential duties, Leila still made time for every individual sister, as well as her various extracurricular activities.

"It is hard for me to put into words how much this position helped me grow as a woman in Leadership. I was put in so many difficult and uncomfortable positions that pushed me to improve and overcome my greatest weaknesses. I am so much more confident in my vision and mission after serving my chapter as president. I am forever grateful for how deep this sisterhood goes, and the people that believed in me every step of the way." -Leila Sabet

Besides her obvious accomplishment of being our chapter's former president, Leila has spent her undergraduate career tackling many different roles in ADPi, as she impacted the community in various ways. Within Alpha Delta Pi, Leila has also served as the Executive Vice President, where she essentially served as the right hand man to the president at the time, Olivia Martins (Leila's big!). With service being such a key value to Leila, she also served ADPi as the Community Service Chair.

Outside of Alpha Delta Pi, Leila spends her time working on her studies, and in various extracurricular activities. Leila will be graduating with a degree in Psychology, with a certificate in Advanced Leadership Studies. Throughout the last four years, Leila has been involved with FSU's Mental Health Council, The Center For Leadership and Social Change, Office of Servant Leadership, Student Government Association, Who We Play For, Dance Marathon, Eating Disorders and Body Image Psychology Research Lab, and FSU MEDLIFE. Leila has also been involved in the Garnet and Gold Key Honor Society, FSU's honor society, and has been welcomed into their Senior Hall of Fame.

Leila has recently been crowned Miss Tallahassee! Over the years, she has fallen in love with the Miss America Organization. As an incoming freshman, Leila was Miss Northeast Florida 2014. Then, she became Miss Ponte Vedra 2015. We can't wait to support Leila as she competes for her dream job this June: Miss Florida, and hopefully Miss America after that! "With the job of Miss Tallahassee 2018, I have the incredible opportunity to represent the community that has given me so much more than I could’ve ever imagined in a span of just 4 years! I am honored to say the least." -Leila Sabet

Our absolutely incredible Leila, we do not deserve you. The legacy that you will be leaving on this chapter will radiate for years and years to come. Since nearly our entire chapter has something sweet to say about you, we thought that we would leave some of their many kind words below. Happy graduation former sister prez! We hope you know just how much you're loved!

"Leila is my best friend. She has the biggest heart and everyone knows it. She always goes above and beyond to make people feel loved and confident. She is even more beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has grace, strength, and the purest character." -Anne Marie Connor

"Leila Sabet is one of the most genuine, loving, determined, driven, humble, kind woman you will ever meet. She is a light in this chapter and she would do anything for anyone, especially her sisters. She is involved in so many different organizations and is constantly going to meetings and running around, but she always manages to carve out time for her sisters. It doesn’t matter if you’re her best friend or if you’ve only met her once, she would do anything for you. She is the perfect representation of what it means to be an ADPi and is someone I look up to and strive to be more like every day." -Abby Rice

"She is the most amazing, down to earth and inspirational person I have ever met. During recruitment, Leila played a huge role in me wanting to go ADPI. The way she carries herself is so unique and special. She's has leadership roles in so many organizations on campus and played a huge rollin motivating girls in our chapter to become a part of something outside of ADPI. She is such a great person and I will miss her so much!" -Kyra Raithel

"Leila is a shining light and sparkles so brightly in every way. Her loving heart and kind soul are just a few things that make her so special. Her work ethic to be the best leader she can be and ability to grab everyone's attention in a room full of people is incredible. Every word that comes out of her sweet soul is worthy to hear. Her beauty on the inside is just as beautiful as her beauty on the outside. She is my role model who truly amazes me. Her fun loving, hardworking, free-spirited personality inspires me." -Alexa Kaufman

"Leila Sabet was the reason that I chose ADPi. During recruitment, you could tell that everyone in the room respected her the minute that she spoke. She always lights up a room whenever she is around because of her constant positivity. I think she is one of the main reasons many girls in my alpha class wanted to be an ADPi." -Maddie Fortner