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Shelby Jung #IotaSpotlight

How many people are fortunate enough to say that their childhood best friend is also their sister? Shelby Jung and Laura Pemble show us that you really can have it all! This week, Shelby takes the #IotaSpotlight! We decided to ask her best friend, Laura Pemble, to share their story with us of how they went from friends to sisters!

"It's not every day that you meet someone who radiates so much happiness. Shelby and I met when we were three. When we both decided on FSU, I was so happy that we were given the chance to take on college together. Shelby is an amazing person. She continues to make me a better person day after day, just by being a positive light in my life. Anyone who meets her instantly wants to become her friend. In life, you get what you give, and Shelby gives so much of herself to this world. Her future is so bright,; I am more than confident that she will achieve the impossible." -Laura Pemble