First and foremost, we are students. Because of this, our first priority will always be academics. Each and every member of our chapter is held to an exceptional academic standard. As Alpha Delta Pi's, we are given the necessary tools to excel through our studies. Both our Scholarship Chair and our Director of Standards and Ethics work together with each member to tailor an individualized plan for academic success. Our Scholarship Chair and our Director of standards and Ethics work tirelessly to provide our sisters with the environment to prosper.  Every week, we hold various study hours at our home. During these times, we offer exclusive and quiet study rooms, as well as opportunities for our members to tutor one another and learn together. Here at Alpha Delta Pi, we celebrate scholarship. We have various incentives to motivate our members to continue to strive in their schoolwork. As some of our new members transition from high school to college courses, the resources provided by Alpha Delta Pi ensure that this change is effortless.  No matter her major, class, or year in school, each and every sister in our chapter values her academic success.